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Cookies Policy

  1. Cookies are small text files saved by web servers, stored in users' end devices and used by websites. Information contained in cookies are deciphered by web servers when reconnecting to the websites. These files usually contain the following parameters: name of the website from which they come, storage time and unique, usually encrypted data, preventing them from being read by unauthorized persons and other web servers.
  2. We use two types of cookies: 
    Session cookies: temporary files remaining in the user's device until logging out of the website or closing the software (e.g. web browser), 
    Permanent cookies: temporary files remaining in the user's device by the time specified in cookies or until they are manually removed by the user
  3. The purposes of using cookies:
    Maintaining the session after the User logs in to their account
    Optimization of website use
    Collecting statistical data for identification of how the Users use the website
    Creating viewing statistics
  4. By default, web browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can switch into individual settings to block cookies for all or just some websites. You can also delete all or selected cookies. You can change them: 
    Mozilla Firefox: Tools / Options / Privacy settings
    Opera: Settings / Preferences / Advanced
    Google Chrome Cookies: Settings / Show advanced settings... / Privacy / Content settings...
    Safari: Preferences / Privacy
    Internet Explorer: Tools / Internet options / Privacy settings

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